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Prowess TraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
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21 Sep 2017 9:50 AM, Announcements Yash Shah

CMIE Products and Services Classification to undergo revision

The CMIE Products and Services Classification will be revamped to further increase it’s granularity to accommodate our users who sought a greater precision in this classification for their data analysis from September 2017 Vintage.

Use of case specifications file (.tcu) in ProwessTraX will be affected by this change. The case specifications file (.tcu) generated for older vintages store the selected product codes and these codes will no longer be understood in Stages 2,3,4,6 when imported within a case in the new vintage.

CMIE is fully prepared to aide our users through this transition. If users intend to import a case specifications file (.tcu) of a case which had been run on an old vintage to a case being run on a new vintage, they may make a request of modifying the .tcu file by attaching the same on the‘Seek Clarifications’ platform.

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[ Dated: 31 Mar'17 ]
Prowess TraX

This is an executable software that can be installed on a PC running Windows. This software helps you conduct Transfer Pricing Taxation studies to find comparable companies and their profit margins.

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