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ProwessTraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
Fastest, Easiest, most Reliable way to find Comparables
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The ProwessTraX Proposition

ProwessTraX is an end-to-end solution for finding the arms-length profit margin of a peer set of a given target company in the Transactional Net Margin Method (TNMM) of creating a Case for a filing with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). Briefly, this is how it works:

  1. Ensure that you are a registered CMIE user.

    If you are already a registered CMIE user for any CMIE service(s), you can use the same user-id for ProwessTraX as well. But, if you do not have a registered user-id please get one from http://register.cmie.com. Registration is free.

  2. Download a free copy of the ProwessTraX software from http://trax.cmie.com

    This free copy is the front-end software that resides on your local computer. It is used to create a Case for a target company. The target company is the company for which you would like to make a Case.

  3. Buy a pack of 500 Queries from your local CMIE Business Executive.

    These are currently priced at Rs.1,00,000 plus service tax. You can also buy these online from http://trax.cmie.com. Queries can only be Purchased in packs of 500. And these are only sold to registered CMIE users. Purchased Queries show up in the ProwessTraX software when you login. Also, purchase of this pack entitles the Registered ProwessTraX user to download 150 annual reports for free from the ‘Report Viewer’ section of ProwessTraX database.

  4. Start a Case.

    Start a Case by entering the name and assessment year of the target company. The name should be found in the Prowess database. There are about 35,000 companies in the database. If you do not find the target company then write to CMIE to include the company using the Seek Clarifications facility available in http://trax.cmie.com. You may provide the Annual Report of the company to get it included by CMIE.

  5. Conduct a Case by executing Queries in the ProwessTraX software to find companies.

    There are 13 specific kinds of Queries you may execute. Many Cases can be completed in less.

  6. A Query is a consumable.

    Note that a Query is a consumable. It can be used only once. Every Query has to be purchased as a part of a pack of 500 Queries.

  7. Database Vintages

    All Queries are run on the Prowess database as of a specific date. The ProwessTraX database is frozen as of these dates. This ensures that all Cases can be re-run with full replication of results as achieved earlier. The dates on which the Prowess database is frozen for TraX are as of 30 June, 30 September, 31 October, 20 November and 31 December, 31 January and 31 March.

  8. Validity.

    All queries that you have purchased are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Queries that are not used within 12 months expire and cannot be used.

  9. Completion of a Case

    Completion of a Case freezes all the specifications and deletes all the outputs and creates a document in pdf format that records all the steps taken or skipped and results obtained including the profit margins of all the comparable companies of the target company.

  10. Replicability.

    A Case can be re-run using the same data set that was used the first time the Case was made. CMIE guarantees the same results if you re-run a Case. This is the replicability of all Cases. To replicate a Case, you do not have to buy a CD from CMIE. CMIE maintains the specifications of all Cases for replication at any time. Replication implies running the Queries again and therefore you would need to buy the requisite Queries.

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ProwessTraX is a service from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd.

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ProwessTraX v3.0
Build: 26 Jul'19 [ 17:36 ]

This is an executable software that can be installed on a PC running Windows. This software helps you conduct Transfer Pricing Taxation studies to find comparable companies and their profit margins.

Download & installation is free.
File size: 8.51 MB

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