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ProwessTraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
Fastest, Easiest, most Reliable way to find Comparables
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ProwessTraX solutions

Conducting a Transfer Pricing Taxation case has so far been done by subscribing to one or more corporate databases, finding the comparable companies of the target company and finding the margins of these companies. There are many problems with this approach. ProwessTraX is a single point solution to all these problems. We list the problems and our solutions below:

  1. Problem: None of the current database solutions recognise a Case.

    Solution: TraX works around a case of a target company and makes a Case of the company for the assessment year.

  2. Problem: None of the current databases provide a Documentation of a Case.

    Solution: TraX automatically creates a Documentation for every Case.

  3. Problem: None of the current databases are large enough to provide sufficient peers.

    Solution: TraX provides the largest database available on the financial performance of companies in India. This greatly enhances the chances of finding the target company and the peers.

  4. Problem: None of the current databases provide the facility to add your target company in the database.

    Solution: TraX facilitates the addition of your target company into the database under condition that the Annual Report is authentic and complete.

  5. Problem: None of the current databases provide a comprehensive mapping of database values with the Annual Report.

    Solution: The Expression Explorer facility in ProwessTraX provides an awesome mapping of all values to the Annual Report.

  6. Problem: None of the current services provide an offering that is clearly tailored for Transfer Pricing Taxation.

    Solution: TraX is made specifically for conducting Transfer Pricing Taxation studies.

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ProwessTraX is a service from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd.

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ProwessTraX v3.0
Build: 26 Jul'19 [ 17:36 ]

This is an executable software that can be installed on a PC running Windows. This software helps you conduct Transfer Pricing Taxation studies to find comparable companies and their profit margins.

Download & installation is free.
File size: 8.51 MB

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