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Prowess TraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
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When will the requested company be made available in the Prowess TraX database?

Once a company’s inclusion is requested, CMIE starts processing this request and the time taken to include it in the Prowess TraX service is outlined below.

Like you can suggest the addition of a company you can also suggest the updation of records of a company existing in Prowess already.

These are very tentative time periods. CMIE assures its best efforts to adhere to these. But, delays are possible.

1. Sourcing the Annual Report 1-2 working days
2. Pre-processing the Annual Report 1 working day
3. Analysing the Annual Report (assuming a complete and internally consistent Annual Report) 3-4 working days  
  Total time 5-7 working days

If the user provides a complete Annual Report, it can save 1-2 days.

While a company may be analysed in about seven days, it will appear in the Prowess TraX database only in the next scheduled Vintage.

There are a total of 7 vintages in a year - 30 September, 31 October, 20 November, 31 December, 31 January, 31 March and 30 June.

To ensure that an Annual Report of a company is included in the coming Vintage, please make the request well in advance of the required 7 working days to avoid dissapointment.

CMIE does not guarantee the inclusion of an Annual Report in the next Vintage. However, it assures you our best efforts.

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Prowess TraX is a service from Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt Ltd.

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This is an executable software that can be installed on a PC running Windows. This software helps you conduct Transfer Pricing Taxation studies to find comparable companies and their profit margins.

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