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ProwessTraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
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20 Jul 2015 4:44 PM, Shiuli Mishra

How Report Viewer and Finance Viewer reduce iterations?

Two main facilities provided by Prowess TraX database which reduce iterations are Report Viewer and Finance Viewer. Looking up data in the Report Viewer and Finance Viewer is free.

Report Viewer provides pre-formatted tabulations on companies for a period covering seven financial years. It therefore allows a user to first look at the data of the comparable companies before specifying conditions for executing a query in a stage.

The company report templates in the Report Viewer are organised into four major heads. These are;

  1. Identity & Background : This provides the CMIE company classifications and information on identity indicators of a company.

  2. Ownership & Governance Reports : This provides information on the composition of the Board of Directors, composition of the owners of the equity of the company, Subsidiaries, Bankers and Auditors and related party transactions of a company.

  3. Annual Financial Statements : It provides Standalone data on companies. The financial statement tabulations are based on the normalized database created by CMIE from the original sources.

  4. Business Segments & Products : It provides product-by-product quantitative details of capacity, production, sales, purchases and quantitative details of raw material purchases and business segment-wise information disclosed by the companies in their Annual Report.

Another facility provided by Prowess TraX to reduce iterations is Finance Viewer. It is available in Stage 7 of Prowess TraX which is Filter comparables using Annual Financial Statements.

A user can look at the financial data of the companies using the ’Finance Viewer’ before specifying conditions to filter comparables.

The Finance Viewer displays the same list of indicators which is available in Stage 7 of Prowess TraX. You can run unlimited queries in the Finance Viewer and also specify a range or a condition against indicators. By looking at the data so obtained you can decide what conditions you need to specify in Stage 7.

Looking up information in the Finance Viewer is free. The finance viewer option allows you to select 20 companies at a time. It also provides a facility to save or load an existing template or a user-defined template.

The two facilities offered by Prowess TraX are for free. They help reduce iterations in a case considerably and therefore you do not have to run a stage multiple times. This will save you money as well as time.