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ProwessTraX Prowess Application for TRAnsfer Pricing TaXation with Automated Documentation
Fastest, Easiest, most Reliable way to find Comparables
07 Sep 2015 11:05 AM, Shiuli Mishra

Expression Explorer - A confidence building tool

CMIE’s Prowess database on companies is valued by the CBDT tax authorities as well as the transfer pricing firm practitioners due to its reliability, accuracy and perfect standardisation of data captured from the financial statements of companies.

While the transfer pricing firm practitioners have come to implicitly trust the databases of CMIE such as Prowess. Prowess TraX (Prowess Application for Transfer Pricing Taxation) has taken a step further to boost this confidence. Prowess TraX provides automated documentation of the Case for free. For more details visit our website http://trax.cmie.com.

Prowess TraX provides an exceptional facility called the Expression Explorer.

The Expression Explorer facility helps you to do three things;

  1. It helps you in directly tracing the value of an indicator to the relevant page of the source document i.e Annual Report.

  2. With a simple click on an indicator from Reports available in Prowess TraX, you can view the indicator to its relevant page of the annual report from where it has been sourced from. This tracing to the page of the annual report is also available for all the constituents of that indicator.

  3. Expression Explorer also displays the computation of an indicator with the value of its constituents.

We believe this trace back facility of Expression Explorer will help the practitioners because:

  1. It will save time spent in referring to the physical annual report for computation of indicators.

  2. It will brings in comprehensive understanding of the computation of indicators used for searches.

  3. It will bring in complete transparency in PLI computation.

  4. It will help in dealing with the tax authorities.

All these four things mentioned above can be done in the Prowess TraX application most easily.

In this way, the user can be sure what is the meaning of the indicator and from where in the annual report was the value of the indicator taken.

The Expression Explorer facility will help you make your Transfer Pricing Taxation Case more accurate and reliable.